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For video and detailed written instructions, please visit: https://help.nextrequest.com/knowledge/how-to-submit-a-request-and-create-an-account

Next steps

The public records coordinator will acknowledge receipt of public records requests within five business days. Records requests are considered received when read by the public records coordinator.

 After acknowledging receipt of the request, the public records coordinator will contact individuals, units who may have records responsive to the request, and together, they will determine a fee estimate for actual costs, including labor.

The fee estimate will be provided prior to initiating a public records search within 15 working days following receipt of the request.


OHSU charges a fee for actual costs (including labor) to locate, summarize, review and potentially redact portions of records subject to disclosure under Oregon’s Public Records Law.

In addition, the following charges may be assessed:

Photocopies or scans of documents will be provided at no charge for the first 10 pages. Additional pages will cost 25 cents per page (or the actual costs of copying if an outside facility or contractor is required).

Record certification will be assessed a one-time fee of $5.

Media, including computer tapes, microfilm and microfiche copies, audio and videotape can be provided for a fee, which must be received in advance.

For News Media

To reach the media relations team during business hours – 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday – please call 503-494-8231 or send an email to news@ohsu.edu. For urgent requests after hours, on weekends and holidays, call the OHSU operator at 503-494-8311 and ask to page the media relations specialist on call.

Contact us

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